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Founded by the late Grandmaster Glenn Kwan, the Genkido Kempo system is the culmination of Glenn Kwan's study of various Hawaiian Kempo systems such as Kosho-Ryu Kempo, American Kenpo, and Kajukenbo.   The system is based on four distinct levels of study which allows the student to learn to recognize and understand movement and motion and employ various principles and concepts into that motion.   There are nine areas of study:  Escaping Arts, Folding Arts, Striking Arts, Weapon Arts, Energy Collection, Meditation, Philosophy, Healing Arts and Cultural Arts.   A Sub-system of Genkido Kempo is the Combative methods of Soke Kwan which is known as Goshin Kwan (Ch. Guan Fan Kun).

In 2001 Jason Ward was named as an Inheritor to the system, and today passes on the teachings of Glenn Kwan and his Genkido Kempo along with the Senior Advisor to the system Shihan-Dai Stuart Van Luven and Cultural Arts Director Master Karl Mark.


A traditional Chinese Kung Fu system founded by Chua Giok Beng from his studies of Taizuquan, Baihequan, Kao Kun, Lohanquan, and the Iron Body methods of Bodhidharma.  Our lineage comes from Chua Giok Beng to Tan Kiong Beng, to his son Tan Ka Hong and the formulation of the Beng Kiam Athletic Association.  the Late GM Alex Lim Co was a student of Tan Ka Hong, and passed on the Ngo Cho Kun system to Sifu Mark Wiley.    Ngo Cho Kun is taught at our school as a study group under the direction of Sifu Mark Wiley and the Beng Hong Athletic Association in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. 


I Liq Chuan / Zhong Xin Dao is a Southern Hakka system taught in Malaysia and was brought to the United States by Sigung Sam F.S. Chin the son of the founder Chin Lik Keong, and taught throughout the world today.  I Liq Chuan is a very integral system and our study group is under the direction of Sifu Joshua Craig, a student of Sigung Sam Chin.


Integrated Eskrima is a pan-Philippine method of Filipino Martial Arts as developed and taught by Dr. Mark Wiley.   As a master practitioner of several systems of Eskrima and Arnis, Dr. Mark studied under the direction of many instructors including the legendary masters Angel Cabales, Herminio Binas, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Benjamin Luna Lema, Ramiro Estalilla, Remy Presas, and Florendo Visitacion.   Our study group is under the direction of Dr. Mark Wiley.


One of the main Internal Arts, Taijiquan is taught via five main families:  Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun.     Our school offers instruction in the Yang Style of Taijiquan, offering instruction in the 103 form, 49 form, 16 Form, 13 Form, and the Sword and Sabre forms.